No.444 Amber & Oud - Oriental Spicy Unisex

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This is a fragrance that exudes luxury and status. Certainly not something to wear every day, but best reserved for those special occasions when leaving a lasting impression is a must. It's a quite fresh, sophisticated blend of rose, jasmine, citrus fruits and oud - the citrus opening quickly drying down to be replaced by the rose, which is the queen of this perfume. The saffron in the base is blended exquisitely here with the rose especially, leaving a fragrance that is both very powerful and very impressive. A few sprays are all that's required, and watch the magic unfold.

No.444 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Oud by Eden

Perfume Notes

Top Note


Perfume Notes

Middle Note


Perfume Notes

Base Note


Top Note Ingredients

Bergamot, Lemon, Lima

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Fig

Base Note Ingredients

Oud, Birch, Cinnamon, Labdanum, Oriis Root, Sandalwood, Saffron, Musk