Eden Perfumes Franchise Opportunity

Perfect time to join our team and let's become partners. We are a well known proud Vegan family from East Sussex with charity works and extensive Vegan Support work. We love animals and support everyone who loves them too.

We established Eden Perfumes in 2013 and we are proud to say today that we are the revolutionary pioneers in changing the world of perfumes in England. Since then Eden perfumes has become a great success in the Uk with support from our lovely Vegan Brothers & sisters from all over the world. Eden perfumes have won first runners to the award for best ethical UK business in 2014 & winners for the most innovative Sussex business in 2015. You have the opportunity in taking part in the cruelty free perfume revolution! and let's become partners. Our Franchise opportunity is not for everyone, we will study your enquiry thoroughly and it may take weeks to get back to you. We need to make sure our franchisees are against animal cruelty and against exploiting animals for human leisure just like us.

If your application is successful "Congratulations" on your new EDEN PERFUME LAB

We will give you:


We will assist you in your new EDEN PERFUME LAB adventure, guiding you and teaching you the art of selling perfumes. In Eden Perfumes we like to share our knowledge with our friends & partners and our priority is to help you build a profitable & successful business module and we will make sure that in a matter of no time your knowledge about the perfume industry will be as good as ours. We will also Provide you with all the necessary tools until you've mastered it.


It will be your business and all the revenue you make will be yours. Our main objective is to make things easy and help you grow, giving you the best reasons to become part of the EDEN PERFUMES FAMILY. Instead of royalties it would make us happier knowing that you donate a little something to a Cruelty Free charity around your area, and it will keep our relationship stronger knowing that you help promote the "VEGAN" Cruelty free movement.


Products quality are extremely important, we are sure we offer the best unrivalled quality. But when opening your business you need to think about your profit. Opening your own Eden perfumes LAB, will make you enjoy great Profits & fame that will allow you to recover your initial investment in a matter of a few months. If you're thinking of buying a new car or any other liability, think carefully and put your investment on an asset rather than a liability and start by opening your Eden Perfumes Lab instead.


In EDEN PERFUMES we produce 99% of our perfumes, we also design all our Labs for our franchisees. We are extremely quick and flexible when adapting to the markets fashionable demand. Your customers will not find the same quality in perfume anywhere else. You will enjoy a Unique futuristic looking perfume Lab in your area.

Ethical Lifestyle

Creating a profitable business is a good feeling, but by opening your Eden perfume Lab you are not just only opening a business to make profit.
You are opening a Vegan Perfumery and you are saying "NO" to Animal Cruelty & "NO" to Animal Testing.
You are helping the environment by recycling as all our bottles are refillable which means Zero Waste.
You are stocking up ethically UK certified cruelty free products without harming nature or the Environment.
You can sleep well at night knowing that your customers are enjoying the best natural cruelty&chemical free perfumes.

*Remember to always be kind to Nature and if you are enjoying a profit make it a habit to donate a little something to a cruelty free charity regularly like we do.

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