Red Rose Abosolut

50ml | Unisex


* Name on the bottle:

Ok so this fragrance is made for Rose lovers, Strictly the rose aficionados. If you don't like rose don't even attempt to get this. This fragrance is made up of 3 layers of the best rose ingredients.

This is a beautiful rose that opens up with the exact same smell as a Turkish delight; a burst of sweet rose, honey and almost the almonds and powdered sugar that comes with it.

It dries down in a clean day cream rose scent. Expensive rose cream. This shouts out "Posh" The rose is a holy chime of delicate folds that rings of the ethereal, the mystical, the magical; its innate beauty speaks to the soul; and remains an enduring symbol of legend and poetry… this captures the spirit through a minimalist accord that is seductive, heady, and sumptuous like the finest of wines, leaving one in an inebriated swoon of olfactory rapture.

Any enthusiast who enjoys classicism and tradition in their wardrobe surely will fall head over heel for this delectable perfume. ‘This is a love story told by a man about his wife who he loves so much. They met in England after the war; she is a beautiful, funny, bubbly and sweet young woman, she smelled great and he fell hard for her. Then they got married and had kids and she matured to be a very elegant lady who would always be a great host. Always perfect. wonderful smile and effortlessly glamourous. A true Queen. This is the Queen of Roses. Red Rose Absolut.

Top Notes

Turkish Rose, Geranium

Middle Notes

Bulgarian Rose, Palmarosa

Base Notes

Damascan Rose, Sandalwood, Incense