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No.255 Aventis - Chypre Fruity Men's

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Challenging, masculine, optimistic and thrusting, is the ultimate experience for the modern man who builds on the legacy of the ages to develop his own unique and successful lifestyle. When you wear it you are gonna feel epic.

No.255 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Aventus by Creed

Perfume Notes

Top Note


Perfume Notes

Middle Note


Perfume Notes

Base Note


Top Note Ingredients

Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple

Middle Note Ingredients

 Rose, Dry Birch, Moroccan Jasmine, Patchouli

Base Note Ingredients

Oak Moss, Musk, Vanilla

Phil on 07-12-2018 06:53 PM
The original Creed is over £200 a bottle. I was running low when someone said about Eden perfumes. I found Creed on their website and i thought for £20 its worth a go. Wow im impressed. Beautiful scent and long lasting. I can get ten bottles of this for the price of 1 original bottle. Extremely happy.
Sean on 07-31-2018 01:32 PM
This is as close as it get to Aventus without chucking money away.
Mark on 07-31-2018 05:51 PM
I can not beleive I am about to say this but this is honestly better than the £250 counterpart original , I have been wearing the original for 5 years when a friend of mine walked in to the office one day wearing the same fragrance like me but 5 times stronger and I asked him you finally got aventus and he told me that he got it from this website called Eden at first I thought he wasent telling the truth but oh my god how do you guys do it ? This is first class I would have given you 10 stars if I could
Shem haque on 08-20-2018 02:56 PM
The aventus smells better than the original!!! Why spend hundreds when you can spend £18 and on a better product! 10/10 fragrance. You still get the different notes as the hours pass exactly like the original! Will be back for more!
Sukhi on 10-10-2018 09:32 AM
Very happy - got this for my partner and he was shocked! Constant compliments on his perfume wherever he goes and it lasts all day. Ordered more!
Lana on 11-28-2018 07:29 PM
Almost exact! Love it. No one would ever know!
Joe on 12-19-2018 02:37 PM
So good!! smells just like the original, will always buy this one instead now!
Maxine on 01-05-2019 11:21 AM
Bought this for my boyfriend and we are both so impressed. Smells the exact same if not better!
Love that its cruelty free and a fraction of the cost.
Will definitely buy again!
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