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Sample Gift Box

Eden Perfumes sample gift box contains three 10ml bottles of your choice.

Carol on 07-26-2018 11:46 AM
With such an amazing choice of fragrances, it wasn't easy to choose one perfume for my first order... in the end I decided to opt for a couple of sample boxes, that way I could select several different perfumes to try out!

Really great presentation! The 3 sample perfumes come in spray bottles & are clearly marked with their perfume number (I also wrote the Eden fragrance name next to each sample in the box - adding the name of the fragrance it is the Vegan alternative for, if relevant).

I'm having great fun trying out the different perfumes I chose!

I bought the sample boxes for myself... but they would definitely make marvellous gifts!

Highly recommended!
Thank you Eden Perfumes! :o)
SALLY BRIAN on 12-12-2018 08:07 PM
I've bought two gift boxes now and have been really pleased with them. I tried out some fragrances from my past and a couple of my favourites. They are very handy to have and again excellent smells. I love them! Definitely recommend and great value.
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