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No.309 Daisy - Floral Woody Musk Women's

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    Daisy is a floral woody Musk perfume, that has notes of fresh violet and violet leaf, sitting on a bed of raw strawberries with a touch of velvety vanilla. It is a fresh green fragrance. will make you think of Walking around the tall grass in the meadow. It´s summer, the bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping. The flowers around you are in full bloom, and a gentle breeze brushes lightly over the countryside. Very elegant, chic and not overpowering.

    No.309 Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Daisy by Marc Jacobs

    Perfume Notes

    Top Note

    Violet Leaf

    Perfume Notes

    Middle Note


    Perfume Notes

    Base Note


    Top Note Ingredients

    Violet leaf, Blood Grapefruit, Wild Strawberry

    Middle Note Ingredients

    Gardenia, Violet, Jasmine

    Base Note Ingredients

    Musk, White Woods, Vanilla

    Sammy on 05-16-2018 03:30 PM
    My new favourite!! smells EXACTLY like Marc Jacobs "Daisy". The smell is beautiful and lasts for ages so there's no need to reapply throughout the day as it really hangs around! I really can't praise this perfume enough, my new go to and at a fraction of a price of Marc Jacobs and my conscious is clear since it's vegan. happy days!
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