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No.39 Eternity - Floral Women's

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    This fragrance opens with fresh citrus and green notes, that is followed by the note of violet and lily-of-the-valley. The note of carnation is the most dominant and with its spiciness gives the floral middle notes a slight peppery note. The final notes are gentle with powdery heliotrope, sandalwood & musky notes.

    No.39 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Eternity by Calvin Klein

    Perfume Notes

    Top Note


    Perfume Notes

    Middle Note

    Green Notes

    Perfume Notes

    Base Note


    Top Note Ingredients

    Citruses, Green Notes, Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Sage

    Middle Note Ingredients

    Lily, Violet, Lily Of The Valley, Jasmine, Marigold, Carnation, Rose, Narcissus

    Base Note Ingredients

    Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Heliotrope

    Sharon on 03-06-2018 09:00 PM
    I love Eternity and I can't even begin to tell you how much this smells like the original. I'm very impressed and thrilled that I can now buy a vegan and cruelty-free version of one of my favourite fragrances. Keep up the good work!
    Kim on 04-12-2018 05:10 PM
    Absolutely love the smell of this perfume. I have no idea what the original perfume smells like but this perfume smells very light but powerful. It reminds me of walking in a field of bluebells; very fresh and floral. Lasts a long time. If you love a fresh floral scent, this is for you.
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